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A collection of three exclusive scents designed specifically for your wedding day.

Handcrafted and poured to the same high standards of Truly Lovely Candles core range these beautiful scented candles offer luxury, sophistication and a timeless feel to your wedding décor.

They make beautiful gifts for Mother of the Bride and Groom and a luxury boxed candle would make the perfect thank you gift, for your maids.

What could be more beautiful than gifting your guests with a scented, favour votive to remember your special day.

The Bridal Collection has it all..

Choose one of these beautiful scents to create an unforgettable memory of your special day. From luxurious mother of the bride gifts to elegant table favours Truly Lovely Candles has it all.

    • Rose Bouquet a soft sensual scent, bursting with beautiful blooms of roses. Warm seductive sandalwood adding a touch of harmony.
    • Blossom this scent is light and sophisticated, with sumptuous layers of cherry and peony blossom which will awaken your senses.
    • Love is.... a beautiful perfume of delicate violets and wisteria make this timeless scent full of love, joy and happiness.